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Later, Y'all

I've decided that I don't think I'm going to post anymore on here. I'm keeping my screenname so I can read everyone else's, but for the most part, I would rather update my blog on Myspace, so if I am on your friends list here, then subscribe to my blog on Myspace.

Support yer Local Music Scene!

Well, my current "other" job has me working tonite and tomorrow nite until the wee hours of the morning. Having said that, I would like to inform everyone of the acts that will be performing while I sling drinks!

Jeanne Flight with Flamin Yawn and Lando
shows start at 9pm

Tomorrow Nite:
I Am Sound with Flames of Troy

At the Guitar Bar, 348 MLK Blvd.
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(another) Sad Passing

With all the sadness and trauma going on in the world at the moment, it is worth reflecting on the death of a very important person, which almost went unnoticed last week.

Larry LaPrise, the man that wrote "The Hokey Pokey" died peacefully at the age of 93. The most traumatic part for his family was getting him into the coffin. They put his left leg in, and then the trouble started.

Shut up. You know it's funny. Now send it on to someone else and make them smile!
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For Sale

La-Z-Boy couch (and I'll even throw in the pretty sofa throw) $60
Coffee Table $30

I'm moving in less than a month and these things HAVE to go.


Pearl Drum set: $350
Samurai Sword set: $60

PLEASE message me if you are interested in buying any of these things.

Go. See. Neverwhere.

Well, we have sold out for our first two nights of Neverwhere. There's still space available for tonight and next week. Please, please, please come out and see this play. It is absolutely WONDERFUL. If you are a Neil Gaiman fan, it's a definite must to see this.

The remaining dates are Tonight (June 24), June 29, 30, and July 1st. All shows start at 8:00. Cost is free, but donations are VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. Our theatre is very poor and we might get kicked out at the end of the month if we don't raise the money. We would also love for you to stay and see the Oppsosite of People Squad (OOPS), Savannah Actors Theatre's resident improv troupe. These guys are HILARIOUS. We are located on Louisville Road (turn onto that road from MLK, go just past the light at Boundary Street, and hang a left at the warehouse and go around to the back). For more information call 912.232.6080 or 912.660.0795. You will more than likely get Ryan or Sasha (the two nicest people in the world). If you call, you can also reserve a seat.

Please come out and enjoy what we've worked our asses off for.

Oh, and Eve (the girl playing Door) and I discovered that Neil has been Googling us (The Savannah Actors Theatre).
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A Thought...

There's something relatively creepy about seeing an elevator button on the wall without an elevator next to it.
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I found this pic in a community, and apparently, there's about 75 bands depicted in it. So far, I've spotted the following:
-Smashing Pumpkins
-Led Zepplin
-Rolling Stones
-The Pixies
-Black Flag
-The Eagles
-Alice in Chains
-50 Cent
-Guns n Roses
-Red Hot Chili Peppers
-The Eels
-Scissor Sisters
-White Zombie
-The White Stripes
-Matchbox 20
-Green Day
-Blind Melon
-Reel Big Fish

If anyone sees anything else, point it out.